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Paper Distributor in Indonesia

Company Overview

PT. Benua Usaha Lestari Kertas, is known as Benua Kertas, is the best paper distributor in Indonesia.

It distributes the high quality paper with a competitive price, fast and friendly services, from order to delivery the product.

Benua Kertas provides various kind of paper needs, from local paper to imported paper. We have various kinds of paper such as Premium Bookpaper, Creamy Bookpaper, Imperial Paper, Art Paper, Matt Paper, Art Card, Wood Free, Kraft Paper, Ivory Paper, and Cupstock.

Benua Kertas have been distributing local manufactured papers and imported papers (Stora Enso, Moorim Paper, etc) with high quality product and competitive price.

Our Vision

To become the best paper distributor in Indonesia with good quality product, innovative products, a friendly team, and an excellent service.

History of Benua Kertas

Benua Kertas was establised in Auguts 1989 in the form of trading business. Along with the rapid advancement of the business development in January 1991, we changed its name to PT. Benua Usaha Lestari Kertas as a paper distributor that has grown well for serving customers from all over Indonesia.

To support the business growth, PT Benua Usaha Lestari Kertas is located at Jatinegara Barat St. No.165C, East Jakarta.

Our Mision

To fulfill demand in printing, publishers, and converting paper needed with various paper products with good quality, availability stock, a competitive price, and with fast and friendly services.

Benua Kertas provides various kind of paper needs from local paper to imported paper.

Jl. Jatinegara Barat 165C
Balimester, Jatinegara
Jakarta Timur

T. +62 21 819 1380
M-1. +62 812 9157 3834
M-2. +62 812 9157 3829
F. +62 21 819 9137
E-mail: infobenuakertas@yahoo.co.id

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